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Meet the boss and who are they?

Claudia D. Owner of Deadheart Apparel

Claudia is the owner and proprietor of Deadheart Apparel. They are non-binary and use she/her they/them pronouns. They just celebrated their 48th birthday on the day Deadheart Apparel launched. 

Born in Switzerland, Claudia earned a degree in architectural drafting. Their passion was graphic design, but due to circumstances wasn’t able to attend design school. Mostly their fashion was “tomboy” but in hindsight, they realized that their fashion sense just went against the gender binary. In 1995, they moved to the US and met their husband. The couple has two grown children and they live in Texas. 

In their spare time, Claudia enjoys cooking, reading, watching movies like MCU, Star Wars, and Chinese Dramas. They enjoy a nice cup of tea, mostly from Tabletop Teas and they are part of a Dnd Podcast called Critical Misfits that will air soon. They are also an avid knitter and hope to bring some fun knitwear to the brand.

Why start a clothing brand at 48? 

They asked themselves the same question multiple times. DeadHeart Apparel came to be in 2019 when Claudia went back home to Zurich to visit their family and needed a hoodie. They wanted something fun, to impress their nephews, which were very much into streetwear brands, like Supreme and Vans. They came up with the design for DeadHeart. The design has slightly changed since then, as Claudia created a font that is exclusive to DeadHeart Apparel. 

Then friends saw the design and wanted one for themselves as well so a few were sold.

One day, they were talking to a stranger online, btw that stranger is now a friend. They showed the mockup of the Original DeadHeart Hoodie and said stranger encouraged them to start a clothing line. So Claudia built a website and launched DeadHeart Apparel on August 8, 2021.

Claudia draws inspiration from Steetstyle, Skate, and Surfstyle, they want DeadHeart Apparel to be stylish yet comfortable.

Claudia owns another business, Sew-Geek, which is in the apparel industry as well. That business laid the ground for this new endeavor.

What are the goals for DeadHeart?

Claudia has a vision for DeadHeart to grow and make affordable, high-quality clothes that is fun and can be worn by Everyone. She also hopes to expand the sizes in the future to be even more size-inclusive. Hats, Jewelry, and bag will also be included in the near future.
We are also working on getting the best shipping options for overseas so that we can go global.

We hope you enjoyed meeting our boss.

If you want to ask Claudia anything, please send us a message via our contact page.

September 17, 2021